The Leathwaite Community (LWC) serves to underpin our growth to sustain and develop a positive culture in the workplace.

The LWC is open to all employees to join and members will have the opportunity to pursue projects that they are passionate about and take part in some fantastic team-building events, all whilst giving back and being involved in the continuous success of Leathwaite’s CSR initiatives. It will encourage, inspire and engage all of our people, globally, to achieve common goals.

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Inspo is a new platform that connects students from every background looking for career inspiration, with professionals who want to help by sharing their experiences and knowledge. It is amazing as it gives students access to people they would not normally be able to speak to.

It is quick and perfect to find out more about different organisations, industries, and jobs.

For the professionals who provide their valuable mentoring, it is easy to connect and help students on their career journeys.

inspo has been developed by The Pay Index, an exciting start up providing a range of tools to help students and workers on pay and careers.

  • Easy and convenient for students and mentors to use.
  • Free for students and mentors.
  • Broaden your horizons.
  • Give back.

The Opportunity Network

The Opportunity Network is a New York based charitable organisation that is one of Leathwaite’s longest serving community partnerships, and was created to help underrepresented students on their paths to and through college and into thriving careers – specifically reducing the opportunity gap for students of colour and students from low-income communities.

Over the years, Leathwaite’s team will regularly participate in careers workshops, resume workshops, attended charity events and provided career guidance to the children involved in the programme.

Click on the link below to learn more about the incredible work they do:

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St. Marylebone School for Girls

One of Leathwaite’s key community partnerships is with St. Marylebone School for Girls, where our company was asked if we would be willing and able to become a ‘business partner’ to the school to help introduce, mentor and educate the girls on a range of career-related topics.

Since the partnership began in 2017, our team has regularly attended careers fairs, participated in mentoring programmes, provided industry speakers for events and assemblies, and even been able to support the girls during the recent pandemic lockdown by providing virtual mock interviews and online career Q&A sessions.

Learn more about the school below:

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Hope and Homes:

Hope and Homes for Children was the creation of two extraordinary individuals who believed that every child had the right to grow up in a loving family. Today, the organisation that Mark and Caroline Cook started at their kitchen table in Wiltshire in 1994, is at the forefront of a growing global movement to eliminate the institutional care of children.

After being introduced to Hope and Homes in 2019 by Leathwaite team member, Yana Skobeleva, Leathwaite has gone on to run numerous fund raising events in partnership with the charity, helping to raise awareness and valuable funds for the amazing work they are doing.

Click on the link below to visit the Hope and Homes website and learn more about this incredible charity:

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Leathwaite was introduced to Alex Stephany, the founder of BEAM in 2020 and soon learned that he was inspired to build Beam after getting to know a homeless man at his local Tube station. The man had spent decades out of work. Alex would buy him cups of coffee and pairs of socks, but could see his condition going from very bad to even worse.

Alex asked himself: “What could we do to make a real difference to that man’s life?” The answer lay in giving him the skills to support himself. Alex knew that’d cost much more than a coffee. But what if everyone chipped in?

Beam crowdfund new career opportunities for homeless men and women, providing them with a support network, from our support specialists to the kind strangers who fund their campaigns. 100% of all donations made to BEAM go directly towards helping homeless people train for a career that will provide them with the control and independence they need to re-build their live.

Click on the link below to see how donations from Leathwaite’s community are helping people to re-build their lives:

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