FinTech and Payments

Fintech represents the intersection of technology and digital innovation with financial services requirements. We bring together our functional expertise and our business and product experience to quickly get to grips with our clients’ changing needs.


As one of the fastest growing sectors, with increased regulatory scrutiny, an ongoing threat from disruptors and the challenge of valuations decisions need to be made quickly around the senior leadership of these businesses.

As one of the most developed areas of FinTech, the speed at which payment businesses have been set up to challenge more established payments and processing firms is a proxy for how quickly the sector is evolving. We work with the world’s leading payments businesses as they evolve their leadership teams for the future.

The demand for top-tier executives is becoming even more competitive – particularly around the commercial (sales and business development), strategy, technology, product and general management functions. With a hands-on Partner led approach we work with investor backed and well known publicly traded companies across the fintech spectrum to deliver diverse C level and specialist role senior executives.

Other areas where we’re helping our clients source senior leadership roles include digital lending and banking, crypto and digital assets, Insuretech, exchanges, clearing, data and wealth and asset management.

Our deep-rooted experience in the financial services sector means we have a complete understanding of the financial services ecosystem. We know the skills and experience that are needed to succeed but we also understand the importance of introducing diversity of thought, skills and background. We source exceptional leaders for our FinTech clients from a refreshingly diverse set of backgrounds.

We source leaders including CEO, HR Director, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Risk and Compliance, General Counsel, CFO or Finance Director, COO and Product Director.