Environmental awareness and action is something we have always embraced at Leathwaite.

Embracing environmental awareness

As we move forward on our journey to be more sustainable, we continue to contribute to environmental initiatives across the world.

Whether it be through the activities of our community team who regularly arrange for our colleagues to take part in voluntary events around our cities, or through our corporate partnerships – a core pillar of our strategy is to educate ourselves and take action to positively impact the condition of our planet.

  • Photo of a sea turtle in the ocean

Our community team works to organise in-house events, globally, and to volunteer with and support like-minded organisations. Thames 21, conducting clean ups along the River Thames; and Trees for Cities, planting and maintaining urban trees and foliage are just two examples.

In 2023, we are proud to be partnering with The Turtle Conservancy. This partnership has given us the opportunity to gift more than 70 adopted turtles in support of the conservancy’s mission to protect ocean wildlife globally.

We are also mindful of the impact of our own business activities on the environment and have recently completed an independent review of our GHG emissions and assessment of our carbon footprint. The report has given us valuable intelligence that will allow us to make adjustments to our own practices and partnerships. Our aim is to reduce emissions and we will continue to track our progress regularly.