Fund level leadership

Leathwaite has a longstanding track record of partnering with alternative asset managers, including those with a private equity and private credit strategy, to build corporate infrastructure at both the management company and fund level. At the management company level our consultants have extensive experience ensuring commercial functional leaders with a strong technical foundation are in place with the ability to manage and support growth, provide strategic insights, and ensure controls are robust. At the fund level, we have been market leaders in ensuring the financial, operational, governance and technology professionals are in place to protect investments, drive efficiency and provide comfort and confidence to investors.

Operating partners and advisors

As Private Equity firms seek new ways to enable value creation, manage risk, and accelerate growth or transformation, we have witnessed significant growth in the size and sophistication of Operating Partner and Advisory teams. As functional experts, our consultants have deep domain knowledge of, and access to, talent across technology and digital, finance, human capital, transformation, ESG, DE&I, governance, and data and analytics. Leveraging our networks, we have played a key role in building these teams on both a full-time and advisory basis.