Why data, diversity, and development are the CFO’s responsibilities

Martha Harvey-Jones, Tom Pemberton 14 Dec 2022

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The 21st-century CFO must master risk, management information and diversity of talent, as well as financial controls.

The role of the CFO has continued to grow and evolve, becoming ever more visible through the Covid pandemic as pressures mounted during a period of unprecedented uncertainty. Having the right leadership team has always been mission critical, especially in a crisis, but the CFO role is the executive committee seat that has perhaps evolved the most in recent years.


The role of the CFO is one close to our heart. We partnered with Raconteur and The Times to contribute to The Times special supplement The Future CFO, published on 15 December 22.

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  • Finance outsourcing: the next wave of transformation
  • How CFOs approach risk in a recession
  • The strategic role of the CFO in 2023

Having a broader range of individuals with different views and professional backgrounds avoids groupthink and helps to build a better, more sustainable business.


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Martha Harvey-Jones

Martha leads the global CFO & Audit practice at Leathwaite having joined the business in 2000. With over 15 years of experience of leading CFO assignments across the UK, America and Asia, she has also consulted extensively on organisational structures…

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Tom Pemberton

Tom is the co-leader of our EMEA business and also jointly leads our Global CFO practice. Tom’s career with Leathwaite includes a secondment to our Hong Kong office and nearly eight years in our New York office – he is…

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