Leathwaite names Martha Harvey-Jones and Tom Pemberton as the firm’s new co-managing partners

8 Sep 2023

Tom Martha Andrew

Leathwaite, the functional search specialist, today announces leadership updates, naming Martha Harvey-Jones and Tom Pemberton as the firm’s new co-managing partners effective as of 2 October 2023. Co-founder, Andrew Wallace, who has served as Managing Partner since 2017 will step into the chair role as successor to Martin Leuw. 

All four founders, Martin Phillips, James Rust, Neil Ejje and Andrew Wallace, will continue to be key members of the team at Leathwaite, central to the company’s growth strategy and Board. 

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to chair our board, picking up on the incredible work Martin has done in his time with Leathwaite. His involvement has been transformational both strategically and operationally. We’ve not only almost tripled in size, but have a clearer brand identity and purpose, technology platform and diverse international leadership team which has been instrumental in preparing us for this next phase of our journey.” 

Andrew Wallace

Both Martha and Tom have been partners at the firm for several years, co-leading the CFO and EMEA practices.  

Martha joined Leathwaite in 2002 and has more than two decades of experience leading CFO assignments across the UK, the US and Asia. She has also consulted extensively on organizational structures and talent development initiatives. She will oversee the EMEA and Asia regions. 

“It’s an honor to have been a part of the Leathwaite family for more than 20 years, and even more of an honor to be appointed to the global leadership team. I’ve worked with Tom for much of that time and we’re excited to be working together, partnering closely with the rest of the team, to help take Leathwaite into this next chapter.” 

Martha Harvey-Jones

Tom joined Leathwaite in 2007, since then has spent time in the Hong Kong, London and New York offices. His international experience provides him with an appreciation for and understanding of different cultures, putting inclusivity at the core of his leadership and day-to-day working style. He will oversee the Americas region. 

“It has been an absolute pleasure watching Leathwaite grow in my time here, and I know the hard work the entire team has dedicated to get us here. Martha and I have had a front row seat watching Leathwaite become the company we know today and are ready to build on that into the future. The founding partners have created a culture like no other at Leathwaite, and we’re keen to make sure that continues into the years ahead.”    

Tom Pemberton

About Leathwaite

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