Episode 2: Becoming an authentic leader with Tracy Clarke, former CEO Standard Chartered

How to become an authentic leader

Welcome to episode 2 of the Distinctive Leaders Podcast, where we bring you stories, insights and advice from some of the world’s most inspiring leaders. Today, your host Andrew Wallace is joined by international financial services professional, and a person who is the embodiment of authentic leadership, Tracy Clarke.

Tracy’s remarkable career journey has taken her from working as a teller in a Nottingham branch of Standard Chartered Bank, to Group Head of HR, then CEO for Europe and Americas, and now Non-Executive Director for several major organisations.

In this episode, they discuss a range of powerful and important topics, including:

  • Why female leaders like Jacinda Ardern have performed particularly well during the pandemic, and the lessons the corporate world can learn from them.
  • The importance of being genuinely authentic as a leader, and how acknowledging your true self can make you more relatable and likeable.
  • And, why mentorship can be hugely helpful with career progression, and how the real benefit can come from something much more informal than a structured mentoring programme.

Tracy is living proof that embracing what makes you “you” can accelerate your career, open doors and shape your future as a distinctive leader.  

If you’re at the start of your career and wondering how to progress, or you’re currently at a crossroads and looking for advice on what to do next, this episode will show you that it’s okay not to have everything mapped out. Let us know what you think of this episode, and if you want to get to know Tracy a little better, visit her Linkedin profile, click here