Distinctive Leaders Episode 7: Coping In A Crisis, With World Class Mountaineer Kenton Cool

10 Jan 2022

Featured image for the Distinctive Leaders Podcast episode 7: Coping in a Crisis with World Class Mountaineer Kenton Cool

Welcome to the Distinctive Leaders podcast hosted by Andrew Wallace. In this episode of Distinctive Leaders, Andrew is joined by Kenton Cool; mountaineer, leadership expert, and coach.

Considered one of the world’s top high-altitude mountaineers, Kenton has reached the summit of Everest an incredible 15 times. His experiences have given him a deep insight into what motivates people and the resilience needed to succeed.

In this episode, Kenton discusses what has driven him throughout his career. And what it takes to be a truly distinctive leader in extreme, sometimes life-threatening, circumstances.

During the conversation, keys topics discussed include:

Kenton brings his truly unique perspective on the human condition. He shines a light on how to achieve success. Whether you’re on the side of a mountain or in the board room.

  • How his relatively humble upbringing influenced his outlook on life and inspired his love of the outdoors.
  • Why small failures are a vital part of any journey, whether you’re climbing mountains or carving out your career.
  • And, how to lead people effectively in risky environments when panic sets in.


If you want to learn how to bounce back from adversity and take setbacks in your stride. Kenton provides some truly inspiring advice.
And for a more in-depth exploration of his hair-raising adventures, take a look at his book, One Man’s Everest: The Autobiography of Kenton Cool.

“Eleven times on the Everest summit. kenton Cool is without doubt the best alpine climber of his generation”

– Sir Ranulph Fiennes


Book cover of One Man's Everest by Kenton Cool

If you’re climbing the leadership ladder and looking for inspiration, you don’t want to miss this one. We’d love to hear what you think of this episode. If you want to get to know Kenton a little better, visit his LinkedIn profile, here.

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