Sabbatical Diaries: Kate Huggins week two in the UK

Kate’s sabbatical diaries:

Having leapt straight onto the road for my first week (the best way to make sure I switched off, and actually the first holiday in years where I didn’t take the laptop with me), week 2 was mostly spent back home enjoying our local countryside.

Lots of dog walks (Avebury and Kennet Long-Barrow for those interested in local landmarks to us in Wiltshire) as well as the fields around the village which are in a hive of activity with harvesting. Blackberry picking and apple picking and then back home to bake them into yummy desserts.

We had friends to stay and made home-made ice cream (my first time) in eight different flavours! The rum & raisin and raspberry were definite favourites. A lovely trip to see my 90 year old Grandmother and spending some quality time with my parents. I even found myself with time to do some sewing and get the ironing board out (I’m surprised I managed to find it).

A little less successful this week at switching off from work emails given I was a bit (lot) closer to the laptop, but a great week just slowing down, curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and – slightly randomly – introducing the girls to the hilarity of an Adam Sandler film.

Today has been spent packing a suitcase once again ready for our first family holiday by plane in 4 years. We are heading off to the sunshine of Majorca for week 3 of my sabbatical, complete with a beautifully ironed wardrobe!

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