Global inclusion council

Harnessing the power of difference

Our inclusion council is a team of passionate individuals, drawn from every level, and area of our business. It’s the driving force behind our inclusion commitments. To value individual perspective and ensure they feel included, respected and have their voice heard and to create a culture where everyone can be themselves and feel safe.

To recognise that everyone has different circumstances and may need different resources and opportunities to reach an equal outcome; to examine and acknowledge our own biases and increase our self-awareness and to learn from and partner with others to increase our knowledge and support positive change

Our commitment

Four inclusion pillars

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    The team focus on sharing knowledge, respecting our differences and ensuring equal opportunities, resources, decision-making and participation, regardless of gender

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    Through raising awareness, action and advocacy, the team celebrates our diverse heritage and backgrounds, to build race equity and increase representation at all levels

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    By sharing lived experiences, insights and challenges, the team works to create allyship and understanding, to ensure we create a safe environment for everyone to bring their whole selves.

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    The disability inclusion team are committed to bringing the learning, support and technology needed to create accessibility and acceptance for people of all abilities.