The Women’s Foundation International Women’s Day Lunch in Hong Kong

24 Jan 2024

International Women’s Day provides a unique and important opportunity to celebrate the progress towards gender equality, and also to reflect on the work still to be done. The Lunch will present an exciting program of inspiring speakers, incredible food and wine, and heart-warming stories from program participants, to hear first-hand how together we are changing the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong.

The Women’s Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in 2004 and dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong.

The Women’s Foundation was thus launched, modeled on the best such organizations around the world, and based on the following key principles: action based on empirical research, dedicated and diverse supporters committed to change, and the support of the private sector for funding and institutional support to engineer change.

Today, The Women’s Foundation is the leading catalyst in Hong Kong for collaborative efforts to support women’s betterment in the community, identifying the issues, implementing solutions and striving for measurable change.

Emily Woodward has been part of The Women’s Foundation mentorship program since 2020 and will be attending the lunch event on 01 March.

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