FS pulse 2024: Leadership insights and trends

19 Apr 2024

We surveyed financial services leaders, globally, to find out how they plan to navigate the economic, technological and geopolitical challenges. It seems that agile leaders who can leverage technology while maintaining engagement will be the success stories of the future.  

Our findings reveal a notable difference in how senior leaders across various sectors perceive their readiness for upcoming challenges. Financial services (FS) leaders show more optimism, with twice the confidence in their executive committees and nearly triple the assurance in their organization’s ability to withstand volatility compared to their counterparts in other sectors.

Our experience with various FS organizations shows that leaders who have weathered financial crises and market instabilities have gained valuable resilience. This experience has not only bolstered their own leadership qualities but also enhanced the support they receive from their executive committees, fostering a more robust leadership environment.

However, despite the increasing optimism, there’s a prevailing sentiment that companies have untapped potential waiting to be unleashed, and there’s a call for greater effort and agility to unlock it. We expect to see more pressure on leaders in the coming months to cultivate this next generation of leadership.

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