Whitepaper: The Rise of the Private Equity Chief Talent Officer

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Private Equity (PE) as we know it today, has exploded in growth and moved ever closer to the mainstream public consciousness. Click to view the full paper, by Leathwaite’s Anne Loftus.


From fledgling roots in post-war America when some of the first private equity deals were executed, to the 1960s when some of the earliest formalized funds were created to allow investors to participate, Private Equity (PE) as we know it today, has exploded in growth and moved ever-closer to the mainstream public consciousness.

Whilst drawing down on committed funds and having capital “at work” is most people’s core understanding of what the modern PE firm does, having the right Human Capital in place to maximize return on assets and marshall the firm’s capital adequately, is of equal critical importance. Against this backdrop, it is perhaps a logical development to see the evolution and rise to prominence of the Chief Talent Officer role in the modern PE firm.

About the Author:

Anne is a consultant in Leathwaite’s New York office where she focuses on Human Resources functionally across industries.

Anne has successfully executed hundreds of HR searches including CHRO’s, Chief Talent Officers, Heads of Talent Acquisition and Development, and Rewards. She has worked in a variety of industries including professional and financial services, real estate, private equity, hospitality, retail, consumer, health and technology. She is passionate about optimizing talent and achieving the best possible cultural fit on every search.