This latest version of TA Today includes an interview with Louisa Stead, Vice President of People & Culture North America for Beiersdorf, the top industry moves from 2020 and the latest news from Leathwaite, The world’s leading Executive Search & Leadership Talent specialists for Corporate Functions.

Leathwaite acts as a key partner for Talent Acquisition (TA) Leadership Teams as they seek to acquire and retain best-in-class executive talent, providing tailored retained search, executive interim, due diligence, market intelligence and advisory services. In the latest Talent Leadership interview, Shannon Silsby caught up with Louisa Stead, from Beiersdorf. Louisa brings over 20 years of senior HR leadership experience to work each day at Beiersdorf the maker of skincare brands Aquaphor, Eucerin, Nivea and Coppertone who has been revolutionizing skin care for over a hundred years.

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Louisa Stead, Vice President of People

& Culture North America for Beiersdorf

TA Today: Edition 4 / Spring 2021

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The interview with Louisa Stead:

Q1: What do you consider to be the biggest challenge facing TA functions in the current market? How have TA functions had to adapt?

The new business reality shaped by the pandemic is delivering unique challenges to TA functions. Evolving business needs, policies and cultural norms require TA to interpret and communicate those changes to hiring managers and candidates in ways that make sense. For example, has the company defined to what extent certain positions can be remote or does TA need to field these questions from hiring managers or candidates? How well has the onboarding process been adapted to the new reality and has TA been part of that conversation? The stakes are shifting all the time and TA is on the frontline of shaping the employee experience.

Q2: To what extent should TA be responsible for the success of candidates they help to place?

TA definitely has a role to play. TA often has accumulated an array of information about the new hire that can assist hiring managers properly onboard for success. They are the first person a potential new hire interacts with however they mostly disappear once a candidate becomes an employee. The trust built during the recruitment process doesn’t have to be wasted and can be great connectors, helping new hires start to build their networks.

Q3: In 2020, Beiersdorf US was named Best Company for Happiness and Best Company Work-Life Balance by Comparably for small to mid sized companies. How was TA part of the story?

It was a wonderful surprise to receive these awards. Comparably uses current employee feedback so we knew this was the true voice of our people. TA is a critical part of that success because they weave our culture into all the aspects of the recruitment process from the initial contact through to our panel interview process and the product basket all new hires receive. The recruitment process is grounded in our Core Values of Care, Courage, Trust and Simplicity and the TA team are our culture champions; they share benefits with a personal lens, they dedicate time crafting a unique interview experience for each candidate and continue their connection with candidates once they become new hires.

Q4: What is your proudest achievement as Head of People & Culture at Beiersdorf North America?

When our employees tell me they trust the People & Culture team. We don’t set out to be the most popular group of people. We aim to be champions of our culture and do the right thing by our employees and the business. That starts with investing time with people; providing regular, clear communication; being transparent about decisions and admitting when we make mistakes.

Q5: Thinking beyond just day-to-day responsibilities, how can TA leaders best champion diversity?

I’ve seen some of our best actions on diversity have come from TA building strong networks with ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). TA teams can become a resource for ERGs, spend time learning about what diverse candidates look for in a prospective employer, how your job postings are being interpreted, what are your diverse employees’ experience of your interview process etc. This is rich data that can help TA adjust their practices and processes to attract diverse candidates in small but meaningful ways.

Q6: What are the key skills/capabilities TA needs for the future?

Every company has the same access to marketing roles in the digital era and it’s harder than ever for companies to stand out. So recruiters can no longer be transactional, it’s about relationships. The recruiter who can effectively build and engage communities of talent will be ahead of the game. Skills like social selling, marketing/creative writing skills and strong networking and sourcing capabilities are key.

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