Both our February 2020 and May 2020 editions of Leadership Digest explored the implications of political discord and the impact of Covid-19 on leadership teams, operating models, and longer-term strategic business ambitions.

With vaccines now being rolled out across the globe, hope is on the horizon although the long-term impact of the pandemic on economies and businesses remains uncertain as does the post-pandemic ‘new normal.’

For many the pandemic has been a catalyst for change and transformation. Businesses have been forced to rapidly adopt new ways of doing things and in many cases drive meaningful culture and organizational change. The notable difference as we enter 2021, is the pace of deployment of investment and the pace of execution against innovation, digital and transformation agendas.

Throughout the last twelve months global demand across a diverse range of specialist roles – big data & analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence & engineering; cybersecurity; cloud; UX & UI design; digital marketing, product and transformation to name a few – has been high. 2021 is likely to see an increased focus on leadership talent within digital, technology and transformation divisions as well.

The Leadership Digest - Spring 2021

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Key Insights:

Over the last six months, leadership teams have shifted from focusing on business continuity management to being increasingly focused on the medium and long-term business strategy and opportunity. While many sectors – healthcare, insurance, IT & software – are increasingly growth-minded, geopolitical and regulatory environments continue to create additional external challenges, which are likely to increase as governments emerge from managing their response to the pandemic.

Many multinational companies operating in the region, irrespective of sector, have been unwittingly caught in geopolitical crosshairs. The technology sector has been one of the more notably embattled by increasing geopolitical tensions between China, the US and Europe. Furthermore, the technology industry globally is facing mounting challenges from policymakers towards heightened regulation……

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