Law Firm General Counsel Market Intel Report

17 May 2021

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The Role of the Law Firm General Counsel 2021

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The Role of the Law Firm General Counsel 2021

The role of the law firm General Counsel has organically, quietly and effectively evolved. It comes as no surprise that, together with risk and compliance (COLP), it is a critical role for law firms to have at a senior level.

It has been a necessity to appoint a compliance officer (COLP) to oversee a law firm’s risk and controls for some time, however, a strategic General Counsel has not been a requirement, often falling to a partner to advise on firm matters alongside their practice commitments. While there appears to still be comfort in having a senior partner doing this role (60%), we are seeing a growing acceptance and desire to hire a professional General Counsel.

There has been significant activity in this market over the past 12 months which follows in the footsteps of a buoyant 2019. There are more professional General Counsel holding these roles today than ever before.

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