Staying ahead in today’s environment requires a clear understanding of your competitors. We pride ourselves on knowing our markets exceptionally well; our market intelligence empowers you to keep on top of themes, compensation trends and industry regulations.

By commissioning a market analysis project (MAP), you can gain exclusive market intelligence and analysis on competitors, with insights into specific areas of interest and your industry as a whole.

Why mandate a MAP?

A market analysis project is a bespoke research document, commissioned to help you make informed and risk-weighted strategic decisions. Our thorough, precise MAPs give you an in-depth understanding of the market landscape and the factors influencing a range of topics.

This could focus on compensation, competitor analysis, diversity trends, geographies, headcount, operating models, performance assessment, staff benchmarking, budgets, partnerships or strategic market analysis. We can look at specific competitors, or the industry as a whole, depending on your requirements.

MAP Case Study:

Our client was concerned about diversity at senior levels across its infrastructure. The business understood that failing to adopt a proactive approach when redressing this imbalance would negatively impact the firm.

Working closely with heads of functions across the organisation, Leathwaite produced a tailored talent MAP, with suggestions of lateral hires by competitor and industry. We also gathered market intelligence, detailing how the competition recruited, developed and retained diverse talent effectively.

As a result, the client improved internal processes, made a number of key hires and developed an on-going dialogue with external talent, to engage diverse candidates over a longer period.

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