Staying ahead in today’s environment requires a clear understanding of your competitors. We pride ourselves on knowing our markets exceptionally well; our market intelligence solutions empower you to keep on top of themes, compensation trends and industry regulations.

By commissioning a Leathwaite market analysis project (MAP) or Individual Due Diligence report, you will gain exclusive market intelligence on competitors or specific individuals, via bespoke insights and analysis on specific areas of interest, individual business plans, or the industry as a whole.

Why mandate a MAP?

A market analysis project is a bespoke research document, commissioned to help you make informed and risk-weighted strategic decisions. Our thorough, precise MAPs give you an in-depth understanding of the market landscape and the factors influencing a range of topics.

This could focus on compensation, competitor analysis, diversity trends, geographies, headcount, operating models, performance assessment, staff benchmarking, budgets, partnerships or strategic market analysis. We can look at specific competitors, or the industry as a whole, depending on your requirements.

Why commission a Due Diligence project?

Our due diligence process is available to the Professional Services Industry, and delivers independent assurance on the technical ability, business development skills, management capability and personal attributes of the target candidates, or internal promotion talent.

We pride ourselves on our ability to conduct our research confidentially and without drawing attention to the target of the project, with a stringent process that eliminates risk, improves integration and accelerates the impact of new hires.

Our process involves speaking with three groups of sources:


  • Market peers – to benchmark individuals against their competitors, and test the business case against market trends and activity.
  • Client base – to collate detailed feedback on preferred legal advisors and buying preferences, as well as portability of client base.
  • Former colleagues – to benchmark individuals against their colleagues, and identify management and personality issues.


For more information on Leathwaite’s Due Diligence services, please contact Kate Huggins on +44 (0)207 151 5187, or via the links below.

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