Leathwaite: the human capital specialists.

Leathwaite was established with one clear purpose: to help organisations secure the best Human Capital within Support, Enablement & Control Functions.

This is done via 4 solutions, 4 offices, 100 people and over 130 clients, globally.

Leathwaite offers executive search, executive interim, managed project delivery and data & insight solutions to a global client base, with market knowledge and a worldwide network that are held in high regard by our clients.

Founded in 1999 by four partners – Andrew Wallace, James Rust, Martin Phillips and Neil Ejje – the business was formed to focus on delivering permanent infrastructure placements to leading organisations around the world. Leathwaite was named after the eponymous road in Clapham, London, where one of the partners lived.

The founding partners wanted to create a collegiate working environment based on a set of values that maximised employee and client satisfaction. In doing so, they hoped to form a business that would be a centre of excellence within executive search.

Over time, Leathwaite has diversified to offer a range of business intelligence and management solutions. This evolution has been underpinned by the level of appointments and length of relationships maintained with some of the world’s foremost businesses.

Leathwaite now has over seventy employees consisting of partners, directors, consultants, researchers and office managers. With offices based in London, New York, Hong Kong and Zürich, we have successfully delivered work across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania.

When did you last benchmark your compensation package?

Leathwaite has launched The Pay Index – a free to use crowd-sourced compensation tool just for senior executives.

With pay equity legislation being implemented across North America, such as New York’s Intro 1253-A and California’s AB-168, the need for crowd-sourced databases, such as The Pay Index, are essential in helping individuals and companies understand executive compensation.

It takes less than 5 minutes to anonymously share a number of data points and then compare your compensation against the local and global market through several unique interactive reports.

The Pay Index also includes a cost of living comparison tool so you can easily see what you need to earn in another city for the same standard of living.

Visit The Pay Index now to ensure you know your current market worth.