Here at Leathwaite, traits like respect, integrity, drive and passion are basic entry requirements in our people and behaviour.

As such, our chosen employee values are ones that fuel our culture and performance, simultaneously giving us an abnormally low staff turnover and a track record of consistent growth.


The pillars of the Leathwaite way are:

Success Is The By-Product Of Great Work

Our successes are intrinsically linked to our clients’ successes, and we let delivery of assignments be our metric –  the rewards (financial and non) will follow.

Find A Way To Say “Yes”

Our clients are paramount and so are their needs. So we think laterally and are open-minded and flexible, offering compromises and alternatives wherever possible – there is always a solution.

Maintain Humility

Leathwaite has no prima donnas. We maintain a balanced perspective of our successes and failures, recognizing we are neither as good as our last win or as bad as our last loss – both are almost always attributable to a range of factors, both internal & external.

Talk To Everyone

We maintain the flat, non-hierarchical, collegiate nature of our firm by talking to EVERYONE, regardless of level or tenure. Everyone in the firm possesses information that may be useful and beneficial to our work, our business and our clients. We use this information flow to be more effective.

Celebrate Success

We punctuate milestone events by celebrating. Whether internal to Leathwaite or with our clients, we believe landmark achievements should be properly acknowledged, before we move on to the next goal on our horizon.

If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.

Howard Schultz

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