Leathwaite's Core Purpose

We are driven by one core purpose that guides our behaviours, culture and strategy: To Create Meaningful Change Through Exceptional People. This core purpose flows through all aspects of our business fuelling our culture and performance, whilst simultaneously giving us an abnormally low staff turnover and a track record of consistent growth.

Leathwaite is driven by three core values:

Our three core values are: Be Distinctive, Maintain Humility and Compete Together. Those three values underpin our cultural and commercial approach.

In the video below, Leathwaite employees share what the three core values mean to them. Scroll to find out more for each value.

Be distinctive

You cannot lead by following. We help clients and colleagues understand why we’re different from the competition, and how this makes us best placed to help them achieve their objectives.

Maintain humility

A culture in which the hierarchy is flat and everyone is open and accessible to others, enables sharing and collaboration. We do not allow title, rank or ego to cloud our thinking.

Compete together

A great team is bigger than the sum of its parts. By pushing in the same direction and driving towards collective goals simultaneously, we will ultimately achieve more and so will our clients.

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