Episode 1: Leadership lessons with Dena Brumpton, former CEO Barclays Wealth

Leadership lessons from a financial services power woman

Hi, and welcome to the very first episode of the Distinctive Leaders podcast series, with me, your host Andrew Wallace.

As this is the first episode we wanted to tell you a bit about what’s to come and why we launched this series. At Leathwaite, we get to work with distinctive leaders day in and day out, leaders who shape industries and define businesses.

As the world’s leading Executive Search & Leadership Talent specialists for Corporate Functions, we’re focused on helping identify and cultivate the best talent in our industry. Distinctive talent that can go on to lead wherever they go. To help those of you who are already distinctive leaders, as well as those of you who are looking to one day become one, we wanted to launch this podcast.

In each episode we’ll explore the incredible stories from some of the world’s most inspiring leaders, as they discuss their diverse backgrounds, their journeys to the top and the sustainable impact they’ve made on their industries. I hope you enjoy listening to these interviews as much as I enjoyed recording them. And most importantly, I hope that they help you on your path to becoming a distinctive leader.

To kick off the series, today Andrew is joined by Dena Brumpton, one of the leading female executives within financial services. Currently, a Non-Executive Director here at Leathwaite, Dena has over 30 years’ leadership experience, most recently as CEO for Barclays Savings, Investments and Wealth Management, and previously at Citi, where she held several senior positions. In this interview, we discuss Dena’s upbringing and influences, her incredible career journey, and the qualities she believes are essential for the leaders of tomorrow, including:

  • The origins of Dena’s confidence and drive, and the people who inspired her most in the early days of her banking career.
  • How the corporate world has made great strides in diversity and inclusion, and what organisations can do to improve their efforts.
  • And why flexible working arrangements are a blessing in disguise for business owners, operators and chief executives.

If you’re climbing the corporate ladder and looking to become a distinctive leader, this episode is packed with advice on what it takes to get there. Dena shares so many candid stories about her career so far, and tips on how you can become a better leader, whatever the future of work looks like. You don’t want to miss it.

Let us know what you think of this episode, and if you want to get to know Dena a little better, visit her Linkedin profile, by clicking here.