Barbara Münch

Business Operations Manager | Munich

Barbara Münch is a seasoned Senior Administrative professional with over a decade of strategic assistance experience across prominent organizations such as AlixPartners, BCG Platinion and Publics Sapient. Her tenure at these firms reflects her pivotal role in providing comprehensive support to top-level executives and management teams.

Barbara specializes in offering strategic guidance by meticulously organizing and prioritizing tasks, facilitating seamless communication among stakeholders, and ensuring the timely execution of critical initiatives.

Throughout her career, Barbara has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and address the evolving needs of senior executives. Her expertise extends beyond traditional administrative tasks to encompass project management, recruitment coordination, and business development support. Barbara’s proactive approach and keen attention to detail have been instrumental in streamlining operations, fostering collaboration, and enhancing overall organizational efficiency. With a strong focus on confidentiality and professionalism, she has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality support tailored to meet the strategic objectives of her employers.

Barbara is fluent in German as well as English.