The Leathwaite team has continually invested time into helping the next generation of workers take their first steps with their careers. Within 2016, Leathwaite New York has been providing essential help to low-income students through the Opportunity Network, whilst the Leathwaite London has been supporting people with dyslexia within their career search.

Leathwaite Hong Kong turned their focus towards helping undergraduate degree students at HKU SPACE, an extension of the University of Hong Kong, where it had been highlighted that a large proportion of students were struggling to identify where to start with their job hunting strategy, finding the entire process extremely overwhelming.

So, on 7th November 2016 the team delivered a detailed career workshop presentation to 160 2nd year Business Administration students, who were keen pursue careers within Marketing, Finance and Accounting.

The Career Preparation Workshop covered all the essential areas that the students would need to excel within in order for them to stand out as a candidate and ultimately land their ideal job after graduating. This included: how to differentiate your CV, the different interview formats you are likely to face, the most effective ways to prepare for interviews, and the skills you need to interview effectively.

In addition, the team also spoke at length on the importance of internship and work experience during a student’s studies, as well as discussing the influence of social media within job applications, both from the perspective of understanding how an individual’s social media profile can impact their application success, and also understanding how tools such as LinkedIn, industry articles etc. can be used to leverage the application process.

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This was followed by interactive role-play and a Q&A session with the students, enabling the students to put the techniques they’d learnt into practice.

During the Q&A session it became clear that the students felt their GPA played the greatest role in determining their chances in the job market, whilst substantially underestimating the importance of participating in extra-curricular activities outside of school.

We explained that as important as it is in attaining good grades, students must embrace extra-curricular activities as these not only help them to stand out from the crowd, but also provide the students with essential skills that could be utilised within the workplace. This last fact surprised the students as they had really been under the impression that GPA was the primary focus of job application success.

Feedback from the HKU SPACE teaching team expressed how well the session had been received:

“We would like to express our gratitude for the career workshop your team has run for our students. It was incredibly useful to be able to learn from professionals in the industry and having a chance to ask so many specific questions. Leathwaite was able to give the students insightful knowledge outside of what they can gain from textbooks.

Now that the relationship has been formed, the Leathwaite team will remain in contact with HKU SPACE to provide support in future collaborations.