Leathwaite New York has partnered with The Opportunity Network (OppNet) since 2015 and participates in several workshops wherein associates volunteer their time to engage with academically talented yet underprivileged NYC public high school students to offer professional and career advice.


Resume Workshops: Volunteers are matched one-to-one with students to work on editing resumes, which students then use to apply for summer internships.

Interview Workshops: Students are matched with volunteers to practice simulated interviews in preparation for their summer internship or post collegiate job searches.

All of the students come from low-income communities and the vast majority will be the first in their families to graduate from college. Leathwaite’s participation levels the playing field for these underserved students, to reverse the course of unrealized potential and facilitate college graduation and career success.

OppNet is a rigorous, goal-oriented Career Fluency® curriculum designed to maximize college and career opportunities for low-income students. Serving 1,500+ students through three programs:

  • OppNet Fellows: six-year, intensive program for high-potential NYC public school students starting in 10th grade through to college graduation
  • OppNet Prep: one-year, bridge program for 9th grade NYC public school students
  • Career Fluency® Partnerships: plug-ins for organizations and urban schools to amplify college and career outcomes for even more students