The Business Culture Awards24th & 25th November 2020

Business culture is a powerful enabler and never is this more apparent than right now. The way we act, communicate, support and collaborate has a critical bearing on how our people and organisations navigate the current crisis and emerge future-fit. The Business Culture Awards celebrate the best of business culture, recognising transformational work and sharing this with all key stakeholders. 

Business culture underpins how engaged and productive your colleagues are on a daily basis, and whether they stay loyal over competitors. It’s one of the top drivers for the best talent to join an organisation. It’s the differentiator in how to deliver a service or products to customers. The value in aligning the brand portrayed externally with the internal day-to-day experience of employees, is substantial, as repeatedly demonstrated by winning organisations.

Leathwaite has been shortlisted for awards in two categories: Corporate Social Responsibility and Small Business. 

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The benefits of taking part: The Business Culture Awards gives forward-thinking organisations a way to celebrate work which sets up their employees to succeed – recognising how their people’s employment experience is fundamental to business performance. Many organisations have created and implemented specific projects which have a positive impact on aspects of their culture – increasing purpose, pride, collaboration or learning by example. By advancing or transforming your workplace culture, and then ensuring you communicate this broadly, you are:

  • Creating a sustainable competitive advantage that is much harder to imitate than your products or services.
  • Focusing on your employee engagement, one of your leading metrics of organisational performance.
  • Applying an effective channel to promote, within and outside of your sector, how your company values its unique culture and its people.
  • Gaining access to the powerful Business Culture network and community, which comprises leading practitioners and thinkers in HR and business.
  • Demonstrating value to your investors or stakeholders by aligning a stand-out customer brand to an exceptional employer brand.

This years event will be held virtually, but click below to see a preview from last years event: