Leathwaite is proud to join forces with the Charity Hope and Homes to work towards a day where every child can grow up in a loving family. 

Hope and Homes for Children is at the forefront of a growing global movement to eliminate orphanages globally. They are recognised as a global expert in the field of deinstitutionalisation. By closing orphanages, supporting children into loving families and preventing family breakdown, we are working towards a day where orphanages have been eradicated for good.

Hopes and Homes, their story...

Every child wants a safe, loving family to grow up in. But over 8 million children confined to orphanages and other forms of institutional care around the world are being denied this, with often catastrophic effects. Orphanages do not protect children. They harm them. Children in orphanages are often subject to high levels of abuse and neglect. Without family to care for them, or friends to play alongside, they live in a world without love. The impact of this can last a lifetime. Some don’t survive at all.


“Our mission is to be the catalyst for the global eradication of the institutional care of children.”

“Our vision is a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care.”


Hope and Homes for Children exists because of the energy, courage and conviction of two remarkable people: our founders, Mark and Caroline Cook. In 1994, Mark, a retired British army officer, read about the plight of a group of children, struggling to survive in Sarajevo’s Bjelave orphanage at the height of the Bosnian war. He told Caroline and within weeks the couple had boarded a plane to the city to see what they could do to help. That is how Hope and Homes for Children began.

What are Leathwaite doing to help?

The Leathwaite Community (LWC) serves to underpin our growth to sustain and develop a positive culture in the workplace. It will encourage, inspire and engage all of our people, globally, to achieve common goals.

The LWC is open to all employees to join and members will have the opportunity to pursue projects that they are passionate about, all whilst giving back and being involved in the continuous success of Leathwaite’s CSR initiative. Click on the link below to see the latest Leathwaite Community news and updates…

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How you can help...

Hope and Homes for Children can only achieve their mission by working with others. Through our partnerships with national governments, civil society organisations, international agencies, corporate donors and committed individuals, they are helping to build a global movement that will eliminate orphanages in our lifetime.

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