The#GoWild4Wildlife event was organised by Martin and Emma Leuw to have fun, learn about our environment, spread the word and raise much needed funds for charities that are making a difference.
We’re delighted to confirm that the event held earlier in December raised just over £8,000, for three amazing wildlife charities: The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, The Orangutan Foundation  and Tiger Awareness.
140 people attended, with over 50 raffle prizes and amazing music by the Basement Band and the Brass Monkeys it was a night to remember.
All proceeds from this brochure and profits from the event were shared 50:50 between the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and the Orangutan Foundation. All proceeds from the raffle, auction and JustGiving went to Tiger Awareness.

“The sad truth is that humans are destroying nature more rapidly than most of us realise. Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet showed us the beauty around us and his campaign to raise awareness of plastic in the oceans has highlighted the threats to nature. Recently plastic was found in the gut of a human being. Is that what it takes for us to start to worry about the damage we are causing to all species, including the human animal? Not to mention the poachers and the canned hunting enthusiasts who destroy wildlife for profit and entertainment. Even our food chain is being destroyed by the devastating cruelty and processes of factory farming. Do we just stand by and let it happen or act now?

Our #GoWild4Wildlife campaign all started when we visited India in 2011 on a tiger safari. We learned that there are only c3,900 tigers left in the wild and they could easily be wiped out within a single generation. Emma campaigned 2 years ago to free Ustad #FreedomForUstad, a wild tiger taken into captivity. We organised our first fundraiser at the David Lloyd which raised £7,000 to support local charities protecting wildlife on the ground – thanks to the support of friends and the local community.

Together we can make a difference.”

Some photos from the evening event:

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