Key Themes

  • Since March, Heads of Technology have overseen the implementation remote working at their organizations on an unprecedented scale. This has entailed challenges ranging from network capacity to lack of hardware (many large companies had to buy thousands to laptops in a matter of days)
  • Cybersecurity remains a top priority, most organizations report increasing budget and headcount for their Information Security group
  • In many cases companies have sought to accelerate their technology modernizations programs in light of the above – notable themes are automation (AI, RPA) and public cloud adoption
  • Improving diversity within technology organizations is also a top priority. Women remain underrepresented in most technology functions at corporates

Key Technology Moves: Q2 2020

  • Craig Bright joins Barclays as Group Chief Information Officer, from Westpac, where he was Chief Information Officer.
  • Andy Ozment is joining Capital One as Head of Technology Risk from Goldman Sachs, where he was Partner and Chief Information Security Officer.
  • Jeff Winner joins Happy Money as Chief Technology Officer from Goldman Sachs where he was Chief Technology Officer for Marcus.
  • Shelly Swanback joins Western Union as President of Product and Platform from Accenture, where she was Group Operating Officer for Accenture Digital.
  • Howard Boville joins IBM as Head of Cloud Platform from Bank of America, where he was Chief Technology Officer.
  • Mike Blandina joins JPMorgan Chase as Head of Wholesale Payments Technology from Bakkt, where he was Chief Executive Officer.
  • Laura Money joins SunLife Financial as Chief Information Officer from CIBC where she was CIO & Head of Corporate Center Technology.
  • Theresa Kingswood joins Daiwa Capital Markets as Chief Information Officer from Engelhart Commodities where she was Head of IT.

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