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The focus on operational, technology and resiliency risk has helped most firms manage their operations through the early days of the crisis with minimal disruption.

Accordingly, firms in various sectors have continued to add top non-financial risk talent with Capital One, Citi, Revolut and Vanguard all making recent senior hires. Financial risk is very much back in vogue on the buy side with some notable female CRO hires at both GCM Grosvenor and Natixis Investment Managers.

The insurance industry has also seen substantial movement at the senior level in risk, including CRO appointments at Allianz, Athene, Pacific Life and Bravo Group UK.

Key Risk Moves: Q2 2020


  • John Berry becomes Chief Risk Officer for Allianz Holdings and Allianz Insurance, where he was previously Interim Chief Risk Officer.
  • Jane Bean joins Bravo Group UK as Group Chief Risk Officer from UK General Insurance, where she was Chief Risk Officer.
  • Chris Daniels joins Chetwood Financial as Chief Risk Officer from Vanquis, where he was Chief Risk Officer.
  • Julia Reuszner joins Intrum as Chief Risk Officer from Pepins Group AB, where she was Chief Executive Officer.
  • Martin Ettles joins Nucleus Financial as Chief Risk Officer from Phoenix Group, where he was Conduct & Compliance Director.
  • Daniel Gordon joins Revolut as Group Head of Operational Risk from Barclays, where he was Managing Director, Chief Controls Officer, Barclays Cards & Payments.
  • Himanshu Patel joins Vanguard as Head of European Operational Risk, Investment Management from EY, where he was Senior Manager, Risk & Regulation.


  • Doug Niemann joins Athene Holding as Chief Risk Officer from Guardian Life, where he was Senior Managing Director of Investment Management and Chief Information Risk Officer.
  • Crystal Ottaviano joins Aspen Insurance as Chief Risk Officer from Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation, where she was Chief Risk Officer.
  • Andy Ozment joins Capital One as Head of Technology Risk from Goldman Sachs, where he was Chief Information Security Officer. He is succeeded by Phil Venables, who was previously Chief Operational Risk Officer and most recently in an advisory role.
  • Brian Goldman joins Citi as Head of Operational Risk Management for the Institutional Client Group from Goldman Sachs, where he was Global Head of Operational Risk. Goldman succeeds Deborah Hrvatin, who joined CLS as Chief Risk Officer.
  • Amy Wierenga joins GCM Grosvenor as Chief Risk Officer from BlueMountain Capital Management, where she was Partner and Chief Risk Officer.
  • Kristen Walters joins Natixis Investment Managers as Chief Risk Officer from BlackRock, where she was Global Chief Operating Officer of the Risk & Quantitative Analysis group.
  • Alessandro Papa joins Pacific Life as Chief Risk Officer from MetLife, where he was Chief of Staff to the President and Chief Executive Officer.


  • June Ang joins BRE as Head of Insurance Risk Asia from JLT, where she was Assistant Director, Major Corporates.
  • Jin yuen Yee becomes Chief Risk Officer for GIC, where he was previously Deputy Chief Risk Officer. He succeeds Chia Tai Tee, who is stepping down after 26 years with the firm.
  • Mark McKeown becomes interim Chief Risk Officer for HSBC, Asia Pacific, where he was previously Global Chief Corporate Credit Officer and Head of Wholesale Market and Credit Risk. He succeeds Ed Jenkins, who will step down temporarily due to family reasons, effective July 1.

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