Leathwaite hosted a Roundtable breakfast in partnership with The Pay Index and IntelligentBoardRoom to discuss Bringing Digital HR into the Boardroom.

The working breakfast was hosted by Chris Rowe in Zurich and was attended by Senior HR Leadership and CHROS. Speakers for the event included Sonia Allison Penny, Erik Geilenkirchen and Leathwaite’s James Rust.

Topics included: 

Convincing the board/exco of the power of Digital HR and gaining their buy-in

Building Stakeholder engagement

“selling” topics to the highest level

Navigating a noisy marketplace


Dealing with the elephant in the boardroom: ‘can the team execute the strategy?’

How the Board can assess the performance and delivery of the C-suite


Addressing the obstacles facing accurate compensation data benchmarking and reporting

How up-to-date and valuable data can support discussions around compensation and compensation benchmarking at the senior level

IntelligentBoardRoom: Can your leadership team implement your strategy?

IntelligentBoardroom is a boardroom decision platform for chairpersons, non-executives, CEO’s and leaders to review the strength of a team to implement a business strategy.

It brings a software capability for assessing leadership teams in a rapid and cost effective manner. It is ideally suited for assessing leadership scenarios.

It creates meaningful insights, rapidly. It enhances boardroom debates about key people in the business and it supports leaders in making better people decisions within the context of their business strategy.

It enables one of the most important aspects of the Intelligent Boardroom: Making better decisions on people.

When did you last benchmark your compensation package?

Leathwaite has launched The Pay Index – a free to use crowd-sourced compensation tool just for senior executives.

With pay equity legislation being implemented across North America, such as New York’s Intro 1253-A and California’s AB-168, the need for crowd-sourced databases, such as The Pay Index, are essential in helping individuals and companies understand executive compensation.

It takes less than 5 minutes to anonymously share a number of data points and then compare your compensation against the local and global market through several unique interactive reports.

Visit The Pay Index now to ensure you know your current market worth.

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