“The Pay Index“ www.thepayindex.com is a free to use compensation tool just for senior executives.

It takes less than 5 minutes to anonymously share a number of data points and then compare your compensation against the local and global market through several unique interactive reports.

The Pay Index also includes a cost of living comparison tool so you can easily see what you need to earn in another city for the same standard of living.

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How does it work?

Senior executives from around the world, working within different functions and industries, share anonymised compensation data to see how they compare to their peers, both locally and globally.

The Pay Index verifies the data, before uploading it to our ISO27001 certified encrypted databases, where executives can then access a range of interactive online reports, enabling them to understand how education, tenure, years of experience, gender, sector and other criteria impacts executive compensation levels.

Why would I use it?

  • Senior executive focus – The Pay Index is exclusively focussed on the global senior executive / business leader community, to ensure the compensation data is relevant and useful to you.
  • Accurate, up to date data – Unlike many other executive pay datasets, The Pay Index is updated daily and only contains compensation data from the last twelve months, ensuring it is one of the most accurate databases of executive compensation available.
  • Difficulty in obtaining total compensation data for senior management – With new legislation being implemented across the USA, such as New York City’s Introduction Number 1253-A, which prohibits all employers from inquiring about a prospective employee’s salary history, the need for crowd-sourced databases, such as The Pay Index, will be increasingly important to help executives understand their market worth.
  • To understand the impact of global cost of living upon compensation – The Pay Index has a unique feature enabling you to compare your current income against a unique cost of living index for other cities and countries to ensure you know exactly how much your ‘real-world’ income will be.
  • To provide compensation indicators for less familiar functions or locations – Different functions and industry sectors may remunerate executives differently. The Pay Index will be able to provide you with a breakdown of average salary, bonus and stock expectations.
  • Speed of access – Keeping our registration process to a minimum, users are able to create and authenticate their accounts, then view our interactive executive compensation data within just 5 minutes.

How can I learn more?

Visit The Pay Index now to immediately gain an in-depth insight into global compensation trends and expectations for the senior executive community:

Click here to visit The Pay Index website