What are the greatest challenges facing Talent Acquisition professionals in 2019?

At Leathwaite, we make a concerted effort to generate market intelligence that is genuinely compelling and useful to our partners. As such, we are conducting a Global Talent Acquisition Survey to help us understand the key priorities and challenges facing senior talent acquisition and recruiting specialists today, including:

  • What does ‘good’ look like in the recruiting function?
  • What do you most need to improve on in order to win the global talent war?
  • What is the single biggest hiring difficulty you currently face?
  • Where will TA Leaders be in 5 years?
  • What do you ultimately need to make your TA function rock?

The genuine goal of this survey is to develop insights for corporate recruiting leaders and build a senior TA community where like-minded peers can share ideas and develop best practice initiatives that drive the industry forward.

It can be accessed via the following link and should only take a few minutes of your time. Thanks in advance!

CLICK HERE to start the 2019 Leathwaite Global Talent Acquisition Survey