London: Leathwaite moved into the offices, at King William Street’s Equitable House, less than one month ago. The new location has provided the company with a much-needed increase in workspace to accommodate the continued growth of the company, as well as providing the addition of a superb corporate hospitality area, ideal for events such as this.

EU Referendum – will the UK remain in Europe?

Simon Bichara, former Barclays Wealth Managing Director and Founder of HiredByMe, opened his talk by asking for a brief show of hands to gauge whether this audience of senior London-based professionals, primarily from the financial services sector, felt that the EU referendum would result in the UK remaining as a core part of the EU.

There was a clear majority in the ‘YES’ camp, citing that they felt that ‘fear of the unknown’ would ultimately play a key role within the final voting.

Be prepared for change

However, the impact of the forthcoming referendum is clearly causing uncertainty across the business community, and Simon’s message was to ensure that everyone was preparing themselves for the potential changes within the economic and political landscape that may occur post-referendum.

Top takeaways from Simon’s talk included:

  • how to position yourself for the immediate project bonanza that will follow the EU referendum
  • consider the potential impact on your right to work in the EU and other longer term implications of changes to the EU relationship
  • what skills will be most in demand post-referendum
  • equipping yourself for (potential) Brexit – making yourself valuable
  • the emergence of the SME market as a channel for growth


Presentation slides:

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HiredByMe – an Introduction

Simon is also the Founder of HiredByMe, a specific online product for the interim market, which provides a unique ‘contractor passport and authentication’ service.

For more information, please click on the following link:

More events to follow!

“More events like this please” was the clear message that came back from the audience.

The Leathwaite team is already researching events centred around the following topics:

  • Extracting value from your limited company – tax and investment options and advice
  • Being understood – how improved message delivery can lead to improved project delivery
  • Creating a portfolio of skills to make you even more valuable within the interim market

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