On September 19th 2018, Leathwaite hosted an impactful discussion on gender wage gap and the art of negotiation in partnership with Women in Payments.

With gender wage gap reporting regulations recently coming into effect in Great Britain, and over 10,000 employers having revealed their gender wage gap positions, there still remains a lot of confusion as to the difference between gender wage gap versus equal pay.

Our expert panel weighed in on the differences, why they’re important, and how we can move forward to achieve gender pay parity.

Combined with compelling research from “The Pay Index”, powered by Leathwaite, and initiatives set out by the HM Treasury “Women in Finance Charter,” we delved into key global findings and examined multiple factors—such as the art of negotiation—that are needed to close the gap.

A lively, yet intimate, Q&A panel discussion highlighting key current issues affecting women in business....

Attendees from organisations such as American Express, Barclays, Elavon, Google, Mastercard, Vocalink and others were able to participate in a lively, yet intimate, Q & A with the panel, who included:

  • Nathalie Oestmann, SVP, Global Innovation Strategy, Marketing and M&A – Financial Institutions at IDEMIA
  • Wendy Redshaw, Managing Director – CIO for Collaborative Technology Solutions, Deutsche Bank
  • Claire Thompson, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships, Mastercard
  • Helen Vowls, Director, CIO and COO practice, Leathwaite


We have attached two downloads from the evening:

  • Presentation Slides – the first download will provide you with the presentation slides from the event, highlighting some of the latest changes in the gender pay gap
  • Discussion Summary – the second download will provide you with a summary of the key discussion points that were raised through the evening