Hong Hong: A select group of banking and asset management CFOs engaged within a lively discussion spanning a range of topics and dynamics that are influencing the talent agenda across financial services, including diversity, cost rationalisation programs and off-shoring strategies.

One CFO commented, “from a personal perspective I found it very re-assuring that I was not alone in facing such issues. It was extremely helpful to be able to voice my concerns within a peer-friendly environment.”

Employee morale and engagement was a topic that was referenced several times throughout the evening, with an overall concern for the need to identify, attract, retain and develop high potential talent.

One of the guests stressed the importance of a correct talent strategy, “undoubtedly, we must become more creative in our approach to engaging high potential talent within our organisations. We must be offering career development opportunities that make us a highly attractive proposition in the global market.”

The evening concluded with a candid discussion on the emergence of challenger industries and the rise of “local national champions” and resulting the impact that is having on staff retention.

“I found the event thoroughly interesting, especially with regards to the variety of topics we were able to cover,” highlighted another regional CFO.

The event was instigated by James Lawrence-Brown who recently joined Leathwaite as Director for Asia. A primary objective that James has set is to create an on-going schedule of roundtable and leadership events that will enable APAC executives to connect with their peers on a regular basis to discuss the key issues they are facing within their respective business environments.

Neil Ejje summarised how beneficial events such as this are, “I must extend my appreciation to everyone who attended our CFO roundtable. We understand how difficult it is to juggle the myriad of responsibilities and commitments that all the guests face, which is why it is so imperative that these events are able to provide a channel where the most sensitive and relevant topics and themes can be discussed. James – my thanks go to you and your team for organising such an enjoyable and informative evening.”