Hong Kong: On Tuesday 1st November 2016 Leathwaite hosted the company’s Autumn COO roundtable dinner.

Following up the highly successful CFO roundtable and GC roundtable, organized earlier in the year, James Lawrence-Brown and the Leathwaite Asia Pacific office, were joined at the company’s annual COO roundtable dinner by James Rust, one of Leathwaite’s founding partners, who led a wide-ranging discussion including the evolving nature of the COO role and the evolution of cross-functional leadership roles in the region.

The evening also included a discussion on how financial services organisations are addressing the challenges of cultural compatibility, integration and the successful on-boarding of talent from ‘non-traditional’ candidate communities, which is in direct response to deepening regulatory change, the emergence of challenger industries and on-going digitization across the financial services sector.

It was broadly acknowledged that the ‘war for talent’ is leading to a re-evaluation of business and talent strategies that will engage and reward a new generation of employees, many of whom are coming from outside of financial services.

James Rust concluded:

“Our leadership roundtable events are only as successful as our guests enable them to be; we thank them for their time as we were very pleased with the dynamic exchange of views and ideas at this COO AsiaPac-focused executive round table event.”

The roundtable dinners are part of a series of events that Leathwaite hosts through the course the year and make up the Leathwaite Asia Pacific Leadership Forum.

More information:

If you would like to register your interest to attend Leathwaite’s forthcoming Asia Pacific roundtable events, please contact James Lawrence-Brown directly on +852 3152 2463 or email james.lawrence-brown@www.leathwaite.com.