Emmeline joined Leathwaite in 2017 and is a Consultant for Leathwaite’s Global Operations and Technology Practice.

Prior to joining Leathwaite, Emmeline worked as a Principal for Korn Ferry’s Global Financial Markets practice for 6 years and served as an advisor to many of Korn Ferry’s corporate clients within the operations and technology sectors. She has placed Chief Information and Technology Officers and their direct reports as well as Chief Operations Officers across multiple industries.

Here's our 90 second interview with Emmeline.....

Thinking back to when you joined Leathwaite, what first attracted you to the company?

A few of my clients were also clients of Leathwaite’s and they recommended the firm to me. Coming from a larger executive search firm, I wanted a boutique environment that was well established. I like the culture and longevity of the client relationships here.


What gets you out of the bed in the morning?

My alarm clock.

But seriously, I enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of the clients I have and how we can improve their business through talent management.

I am passionate about the technology space I work in, and I enjoy keeping up with the market.

I also think technology is unique as it can bring innovative concepts to more established business lines, which makes it a fun sector to be in.


What is your biggest professional achievement at Leathwaite to date?

I have enjoyed introducing new clients to the firm and I am proud of the service we have been able to provide them.

Since I am new, it’s been fun engaging and getting to know the global team here at Leathwaite as we continue to grow.


What three words that best describe your role at Leathwaite?

Technology – business development – client service.


If you could switch jobs with someone (anyone!), who would it be?

David Attenborough.


Tell me about some of the people you’ve had the chance to meet working at Leathwaite

Leathwaite has a unique platform within the financial services environment, which has been established over the past 20 years. Its been refreshing being included in some of those relationships. I’ve also been able to use that that platform to expand into other industries which has been part of my personal background.


What advice would you give people starting out in the corporate or Financial services industry?

One of the most important things is to stay engaged with your community to understand emerging trends as technology is always evolving and changing. Also, never underestimate the power of relationship building inside your company.


What is your motto or personal mantra?

Honesty. Forthright-ness. Efficiency. I try to focus on these three things.


What’s your favorite line from a film?

Bond. James Bond.


What is your guilty pleasure?



What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I grew up on a farm with cows and horses.


Which one of Leathwaite’s internal values do you most relate to?

“Talk to Everyone” is the root of a strong focus on long-term and continued relationships. I also like that the firm takes the time to truly specialize in their functions.


When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Norm Macdonald – anything!

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