An experienced, senior Finance Executive with strong experience across top tier organisations, capable of successfully defining and delivering strategic change programmes across Financial Services. 

Key skill areas:

  • Finance Transformation
  • IFRS17
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Programme Management
  • General Ledger Transformation

Recent career history and key accomplishments:

  • Having recently completed multiple Executive Interim assignments across the Insurance and Consumer Goods industries, this individual has previously been responsible for the delivery of key programme workstreams across a multi-year Finance Transformation portfolio.
  • Whilst this focused largely on ensuring compliance with IFRS17, they led a broader portfolio of deliverables spanning tax, risk and control and regulatory engagement. Other key areas of focus from a transformation perspective that they have touched upon include Sarbanes Oxley regulation and general ledger transformation.
  • Whilst delivering these programmes of work on an Interim basis, they not only were responsible for leading the day to day execution, but also for feeding the results back to group level Executives.
  • Their career prior to this was spent primarily within Investment Banking, most recently in a senior Finance role within the markets business of a European Banking Group. However earlier on in their career, they spent time within Operational Risk, Audit and Compliance with a range of banking groups.
  • Their early career was spent within Audit with a leading Management Consultancy.

This individual has developed a strong understanding of Finance having come through the world of Investment Banking with the ability to apply this experience in a range of change and programme environments.

Tom Thorpe, Leathwaite Executive Interim Practice

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