Commercial and Digital

Innovation meets experience

The hiring of talent at executive levels is bringing together industry experience with the world of innovation. The main driver to this is to bring greater diversity of working knowledge in a regulated market with cutting edge technologies and disruptive business models.

Data = Value

The focus on data is nothing new and has long been under the ownership of technology and operations who host and manage its integrity. There has been a substantial shift in firms aligning data and analytics under commercial leadership roles as firms recognise that company valuations will become dominated by their data assets as it defines the product, service and sales agendas. 

Regulation – burden or opportunity? 

The last ten years have been a costly burden on firms ensuring they meet evolving regulatory requirements. Investment in technology solutions to make firms more nimble is starting to provide commercial opportunities for firms to differentiate themselves in response to regulatory change. UN Sustainability Goals, ESG Taxonomy, Open Banking; SRD ii are just some of the upcoming opportunities for firms.  

Market moves:

  • Martin Gilbert the former CEO of Standard Life Aberdeen has joined Revolut as the firm’s first executive chairman as the digital bank looks to bolster its corporate governace through its next phase of growth.
  • Western Union has hired Tom Mazzaferro from HSBC as Chief Data Officer for the business reporting into Shelly Swanback as President, Product and platform. Tom was Chief Data Officer for HSBC US.
  • Farooq Siddiqui, previously the Global Head of Trade at Standard Chartered has been hired into Falcon Group as Asia CEO to lead the build out of their inventory and working capital solutions.

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