Whitepaper: The War for Talent (Acquisition)

Chris Smith 9 Nov 2021

Cover image for The War for Talent report
Cover image for The War for Talent report

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The velocity of the post-COVID hiring bounce-back, spanning virtually all industries and geographies, caught many companies cold and took many by surprise. As organizations scramble to meet what is an extreme skill-shortage in some areas, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the individuals tasked with identifying, attracting and on boarding the capabilities necessary to deliver against the company strategy, should themselves be in unprecedented demand.

In this paper, we examine the ongoing evolution of the Recruiting/Talent Acquisition (TA) function, and its place as a crucial weapon in winning the War for Talent.

From origins in the traditional Personnel Department, wherein recruitment was a “side-of-desk” role for an HR Manager, filtering and interviewing direct applicants and/ or instructing third-party suppliers, the modern TA function has a far more proactive role and visible financial impact in terms of bottom-line.

Chris Smith

Chris is a Partner with Leathwaite based in the London office. Chris leads Leathwaite’s global Human Resources practice, while also leading the firm’s ongoing growth and diversification across sectors. Chris brings fifteen years of global search and advisory experience across…

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