Sabbatical Diaries: Kate Huggins week one, travels to the North of England

Kate Huggins 24 Aug 2022

Photo of Kate Huggins and 3 kids sitting on runes in the North of England.

Kate’s sabbatical diaries:

A little overdue because of Covid, I am finally taking my four-week paid sabbatical – care of Leathwaite. The team pushed me out the door (literally), strictly told me not to check emails and are doing a brilliant job running with projects in my absence. Marked by a fun team Escape Room on my final working day, I returned home to Wiltshire for a whole month of family time.

After a chaotic initial weekend marked by girls’ birthdays and the baking of multiple cakes, Family Huggins loaded up the car for a week-long road trip to the north of England.

Photo of Kate Huggins and 3 kids sitting on runes in the North of England.

We have always loved holidaying in the UK and being married to a Kiwi, there are plenty of new places he hasn’t explored. This trip took in the City of York (where I went to university nearly 20 years ago!), the Yorkshire Moors, Whitby and the Peak District…with a painful detour via Alton Towers! There were boats, buses, car, trains, a monorail and even a tractor (very exciting for my youngest).

We’ve enjoyed fish and chips by the sea, lots of swimming and even more walking. A highlight being crowned Mini-Golf Holiday Champion (much to the irritation of my golfing husband). We all had fun sightseeing and learning new facts. Did you know about the grisly death that befell Captain Cook in Hawaii? Or that Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula, never actually went to Transylvania himself? That the correct spelling of the Choir in a Cathedral is actually Quire? And finally, that despite its small size, the Funk n Fly ride is by far and away the scariest at Alton Towers!

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photo of Kate Huggins

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