Investment banking today is a business with significantly higher entry-barriers across capital, regulation, technology and governance, than could be found in its pre-financial crisis guise. However, the most significant challenges for firms looking to compete in this industry remain leadership and talent. 

The constantly increasing regulatory scrutiny, combined with an unstable global economy and the need to transform and digitize are critical concerns for most CEOs and Boards in the investment banking sector.   

Leathwaite has partnered with global investment banks for more than 20 years, helping to identify top-tier talent that not only understands the risk management and commercial needs but that can also bring creative thinking, originality and new perspectives.    

Diversity, transformation, digital enhancements, ESG considerations and flexible working models are just some of the emerging challenges that investment bank leaders are grappling with. Our access to a more diverse senior talent pool – across industries, backgrounds and experience, means we can introduce senior executives that will thrive in this environment.  

Partnering with many of the world’s leading global investment banks we ensure a quality of leadership that will help firms not only operate and succeed but thrive and build for the future. We find transformative executive leaders across functions, including Chief Technology, Information and Digital Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, HR Director, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, General Counsel and associated leadership roles across data, compliance, communications and operations.  

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