Leathwaite has a leading reputation for diverse hiring at a senior executive level, and having analysed our senior placement data over the last three years, we can see that 41% of  the executive placements we made were gender diverse.

Leathwaite believe in the value that diversity can bring to an organisation, and understand that the term means a wealth of different things to different geographies and organisations.

We are sensitive to the specific diversity objectives of our clients, and align our service to your unique requirements. Whether your goals concern age, background, gender or religion, Leathwaite can partner with you to fulfil them.

Our Process

In every executive search, we strive to source and appraise a diverse shortlist of candidates, whilst ensuring that this focus doesn’t compromise on the quality and integrity of our recommendations.

For specific objectives, such as increasing the number of female executives in your organisation, we can hone in on gender, religion, age or background, to help you redress the balance in your firm with talented individuals.

We recognise the benefits and importance of a diverse workforce, bringing a variety of perspectives and experiences into the workplace, and promoting a positive culture. In line with these beliefs and values, over half of our employees are “diverse” in their respective geographies.

Meet Leathwaite's Inclusion Council

Amy Mitchell


Deven Lall-Perry

New York

Emily Woodward

Hong Kong

Rebecca Otter


Tom Pemberton


Rachel Kalogiannis

New York

Charlotte Lumley


John Hetherington


Jo Mortimer


Championing Diverse & Inclusive Partnerships

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