Leathwaite’s core purpose to ‘create meaningful change through exceptional people’ is firmly aligned with our goal to encourage, unearth, and promote greater diversity and equality of leadership talent on a global basis. 

It’s not simply enough that our company sources, advises and connects our clients with a diverse network of global leadership talent, we must also continue to drive the diversity within our own company in order to help us see the world in a more wholistic and inclusive basis. First and foremost, Leathwaite’s diversity and inclusion strategy is now a core agenda topic at both board and ExCo, with clear partner ownership. However, we are also aware that collective ownership is essential if we are to truly become a more inclusive and aware company, which is why we have an internal inclusion council, which contains diverse representation spanning our offices, functions and roles.

Furthermore, we have relationships with key diversity and inclusion training partners to ensure we are constantly developing, and we have also appointed specific members of our consultant team to focus on diversifying our global network.

Below, and throughout this website, you will be able to learn more about the impact each of these initiatives is having in helping Leathwaite to become a leading driver of diversity, inclusivity and equality.

Our Process

In every executive search, we strive to source and appraise a diverse shortlist of candidates, whilst ensuring that this focus doesn’t compromise on the quality and integrity of our recommendations.

For specific objectives, such as increasing the number of female executives in your organisation, we can hone in on gender, religion, age or background, to help you redress the balance in your firm with talented individuals.

We recognise the benefits and importance of a diverse workforce, bringing a variety of perspectives and experiences into the workplace, and promoting a positive culture. In line with these beliefs and values, over half of our employees are “diverse” in their respective geographies.

Meet Leathwaite's Inclusion Council

Championing Diverse & Inclusive Partnerships

Click on the links below to read how different members of Leathwaite are championing a variety of partnerships to promote diversity & inclusion: