Our purpose to create meaningful change through exceptional people is aligned with our goal to encourage, unearth, and promote greater diversity and equality of global leadership talent.

It’s not enough to source, advise and connect you with a diverse network of global leadership talent. We must also drive that diversity within our own business. That’s why our diversity and inclusion strategy is a core agenda topic across Leathwaite, from the office floor to ExCo. This is supported by our inclusion council: a diverse group of colleagues from across our offices who always challenge us to continually improve our approach to diversity.

Accelerating the Diversity Agenda of our Clients

With a reputation for unrivalled levels of research, combined with a global talent knowledgebase that is only made possible through Leathwaite’s functional alignment and expertise, Leathwaite has access one of the most diverse global executive talent networks within the executive search industry.

During each retained search assignment our team maintains an ongoing record of the diversity of candidates interviewed by clients.

Our current candidate statistics show that in 87% assignments clients have interviewed ethnically and / or gender diverse candidates.

Providing clients with diverse candidate choices

Leathwaite is recognised as being a global leader within executive search for corporate functions, and in every assignment we use this knowledge and experience to source and appraise a diverse shortlist of candidates, whilst ensuring that this focus doesn’t compromise on the quality and integrity of our recommendations.

We recognise the benefits and importance of a diverse workforce, bringing a variety of perspectives and experiences into the workplace, promotes a positive culture and reflects the environment in which we live.

Building diversity with our own business

We are making it a priority to understand and improve our own internal make-up of Leathwaite to help us become a diverse and inclusive employer and business partner to our clients. To help us towards this goal we are now gaining much more robust internal data on the employees of Leathwaite. Our current 2021 employee breakdown is the following:

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