Welcome to the Leathwaite Annual Awards where we celebrate our latest and greatest, our rising stars and those that have given us their all in the last year.

At Leathwaite, we are driven by one core purpose that guides our behaviours, our culture and our strategy: To Create Meaningful Change Through Exceptional People. This then ladders into our three core values which underpin our cultural and commercial approach.

  • Be distinctive – You cannot lead by following.
  • Maintain humility – hierarchy is flat and everyone is open and accessible to others.
  • Compete together – A great team is bigger than the sum of its parts.

As we all know, the last year has been one of enduring challenges and triumphs and at the heart of any of our Leathwaite triumphs have been our people. People have and always will be at the core of what we do, and our most important asset. Their success is our success, and this is how we’ve been able to enjoy a rapid growth trajectory in spite of the unpredictable times.
Take a look below to see the 2021 winners and the story behind each award.

#CompeteTogether: Celebrating teamwork and success

Winners: Cecilia Stockinger & Rachel Kalogiannis

This year is an honest tie between two of Leathwaite’s star players, two consultants that are at the fore of their teams in New York and Zurich respectively, driving business while never foregoing the necessity for good team culture and FUN!

Cecilia is the life and soul of the Zurich office and after recently returning from maternity leave, she hit the ground running with search work, lending her expertise to covering searches outside of her normal practice areas. Cecilia is well known at Leathwaite for her “can do” attitude, as well as making the workplace a fun and inclusive environment. She is the first to celebrate success and given her own success in her 6-year tenure with Leathwaite, we see Cecilia as one of its rising stars and the embodiment of #competetogether!

Rachel is a huge asset to the US team and has recently (also!) returned from maternity leave, she has thrown herself back into the business with a vengeance, managing searches across a range of sectors including legal, compliance, HR and technology. Rachel is a natural team player and knows how to tap into her team’s potential and continue to challenge herself and those around her so that they stay motivated and strive for success. Known for her attention to detail and penchant for excellence in all that she does, Rachel is a keen mentor to the team and loves to celebrate the wins– an iconic Leathwaite trait!

Planes flying together in a blue sky leaving trails

#BeDistinctive: What makes us stand out from the crowd

Winner: Kaila Malone

The winner of our #BeDistinctive award is New York’s home-grown talent, Kaila Malone, who started as an EA with Leathwaite, quickly propelling herself into an Associate and now considered one of our most sought-after Senior Associates within the firm globally. Known for her distinctive Long Island accent but even more so her commitment to multitasking with a hawk’s eye for detail, Kaila has the unique ability to execute an endless amount of search work at a very high standard while maintaining a killer grin and a competitive streak to match! Kaila’s work ethic is unsurpassed, and she is a valuable asset respected by senior clients and stakeholders alike!

#MaintainHumility: Our unsung heroes

Winners: Justine Schnell & Dimple Patel

Another tie-break for this award, which has been won by two of our office stalwarts!

Justine is the glue that holds our New York office together, literally! She’s helpful, humble, hardworking and most of all readily available to answer just about anyone or anything that gets thrown her way…which is often! The best part is she’s rarely flustered and forever smiling so it makes dealing with Justine a pleasure. The unsung hero, she’s detail oriented and fast to find solutions which is a huge asset to our growing and fast-paced US business!

Dimple aka “Dimps” is the London office “champ”, known for jumping in the ring whenever her name is called! Happy to take on any task and always going above and beyond without the fanfare, she keeps the team afloat and is responsible for executing a wide variety of projects with great skill. Known as a “glass half full person”, she’s always happy to help and is responsive and timely despite often being pulled in many directions, which makes her the ultimate multi-tasker – a great asset in a busy, thriving office environment!

'To Create Meaningful Change Through Exceptional People': The impact of the people we have and the people we place

Winner: Angela Urso

Angela “Ange” is the definition of our Leathwaite mantra, she’s an exceptional person creating meaningful change through her commitment to D&I initiatives both internally and externally. She is a highly regarded consultant within Leathwaite’s Technology practice “by day”, which then lends her passion for D&I partnerships and pitches “by night”, leading and owning such programs across the firm globally. Ange is determined to ensure Leathwaite continues to elevate its D&I offerings from the ground up and thanks to her dedication, it has become a firm part of our pitch and integral to various wins, as well as our grad intake program. With Ange at the helm, we know we will continue to see the positive change that impacts the future of the company for the better!

Team of the Year

Winners: Team Hong Kong

For a team which has really worked together and nailed it!​

A good team is a well-oiled machine, and our Hong Kong office is ALL that…and more! With JLB as the Captain and Ada, Emily, Kit, Venus and Simple working alongside him to manoeuvre, guide, build and support the ship, they are one of the hardest working and most focused crews in the business. They have endured a long and challenging political environment, followed by a pandemic, but their resilience and positivity never wavered. Thanks to their rigorous and disciplined processes and a good balance between dedicated client work mixed with team-building initiatives, they remained motivated and tight knit. As they say the proof is in the pudding, and this team managed a nearly 40% increase in revenue last year, the majority of which was originated locally by the team and despite the widespread uncertainty. Stellar effort by a top-notch team!

Most Memorable Virtual Moment

Winner: Lottie Collins

The one we’ll never forget!

While Covid raged, so did the Zoom team meetings…and this award goes to the most memorable virtual moment for which there really was no competition…please meet our resident Marketing Assistant Lottie and her live-in pet pig, Mrs Piggie! The Leathwaite team was introduced to Mrs Piggie while taking part in a virtual charity initiative with Hope and Homes for Children whereby participants covered ground to contribute to an overall team distance goal. Lottie chose to walk Mrs Piggy in the name of charity and together they managed a whopping 3km’s…at Mrs Piggy’s pace that is! Thanks to Lottie and her pig, the team enjoyed a good chuckle and an earnest break from Zoom fatigue! To this day, Lottie continues to field requests for a reprisal of Mrs Piggie in Leathwaite culture and this is indicative of the team’s love of fun and readiness to embrace all forms!

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