Private Banking & Wealth

The private banking and wealth management landscape has been subjected to enormous pressures over the last five years, from direct competitors, new challengers and regulators.

Both the number of ultra-high and high net-worth individuals has grown, as has the wealth they hold. Asia-Pacific in particular has been in sharp focus, due to the boom of high net-worth individuals in the region. This growth, combined with an increasing emphasis on compliance, risk and technology, has made the sector an exciting and generously compensated place to be.

Leathwaite’s enduring presence in the sector has given us access to a talent pool that few other firms can rival. Our strong global network bolsters the passion and expertise of our dedicated consultants, some with direct industry experience. This allows us to operate effectively and efficiently on behalf of our clients.

Our in-depth functional and sector expertise spans:

  • Boutique Wealth Management Firms
  • Family Offices and Multi-Family Offices
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Affluent Units of Retail Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Private Banks
  • Registered Investment Advisers
  • Retail Brokerage Firms

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